Bow Hunting

Bow hunting any game animal is the ultimate challenge for hunters. Water Buffalo offer the ultimate experience for bow hunters. There is nothing better than the challenge of getting in close to a monster trophy bull, then finding the patience to wait for the perfect shot.

Water Buffalo have a very thick hide, around an inch thick covering the shoulder area. The hide is extremely hard to penetrate. Using the right gear is essential.

We have tested many types of bows, arrows and broad heads over the years. We like bow hunters to be able to pull at least 70 pounds.

We have had the most success with penetration shooting a 75-80 pound bow. However, young hunters and huntresses have had success with 65 pound bows. If you are only comfortable with this poundage, please contact Edward for further information.

More important than poundage, is the broad head. We strongly recommended a two blade, one piece broad head. The broad head must be razor sharp.

Broad heads

Broad heads we have found to have the most success are:

  • Grizzly Broad heads
  • Alaskan Silver flames
  • Outback Broad heads

A single bevelled broad head does offer an edge on busting through the tough
ribs of a buffalo. Sharpness of the broad head is still the essential key.

Arrow weights

We recommended your arrow weight is close to 800 grains in total. This offers
the best penetration.

We have had great success with full metal jacket shafts. Weight to the front
of the arrow can also help with penetration.

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